My name is Johan Egerkrans and I work as a freelance illustrator for books, films and games.

It´s a pretty nice job...




My labour of love “Nordiska Väsen” is out in stores! The book is simply beautiful and I´m embarrassingly proud of it. It received a very, very, good review from Dagens Nyheter´s Lotta Olsson - here´s an excerpt in swedish:

"Egerkrans gör det allra viktigaste: berättar för att han själv älskar sitt ämne, med stor respekt för läsaren. Detta är en bok att återkomma till, läsa styckevis och helt men många gånger, och ha i bokhyllan länge."

Lotta Olsson recenserar Nordiska väsen i DN 20130810.

Also the site for the book is up - thanks to my friends at Telegram it turned out great!

I also added a new gallery with some vaesen-pictures. There´s plenty more in the actual book...

You can buy the book online here:

and here:


Today my new book “Nordiska Väsen” (titled “Vaesen” in english) goes to the printers. It´s about all the various faerie creatures lurking in the forests of scandinavia and has been a true labour of love. I´ve been working on it the last two years so it´s a strange feeling finally letting go...

Nordiska Väsen will be out on B Wahlströms the 8th of august.


To the right are some previews!


  1. -2013-02-04

It´s about time for one of my way overdue updates. 2012 has been a hectic year (and 2013 promises to be no less hectic...)

Lot´s of different books, a ton of designs for EAs Battlefield Heroes and I have also been hard at work writing and drawing my upcoming tome about faerie creatures of the scandinavian countries. It will be out this fall close to the Gothenburg book fair, if everything goes as planned.

I´m also going to the Bologna book fair this year to talk about that and other things - namely the popular “Legend of Tann” book series written by Niklas Krog.

Here´s some links to recently published books featuring my work:

Helt Max i Afrika

  1. -written by Mari Kjetun

  2. -

Swedish edition: Mera Max - Max i Afrika

Helt max Fyrtårnflax

- written by Mari Kjetun


  1. -written by Christer Fuglesang

Legenden om Tann - Dräparen

  1. -written by Niklas Krog

Legenden om Tann - Havet

  1. -written by Niklas Krog

Legenden om Tann - Ömannen

- written by Niklas Krog

Svartskogens Hemligheter 1 & 2

- written by Helena Bross

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